Winterize your Home

Does The Upcoming Winter Have You Concerned About Freezing Pipes?

Are you worried about your pipes bursting or freezing during extreme cold temperatures during the winter months? A-1 Plumbing can help by winterizing your pipes and protecting them from the sudden temperature drops.  You may have already heard about Frost-Free Hose bibs (exterior faucets) as a solution for freezing pipes if you live in an area that experiences yearly freezing.  


When the temperatures outside drop, the outside faucet, or Hose Bib, can cause pipelines to freeze.  One solution in preventing a pipe from bursting during freezing weather is to install Frost-Free, or Freeze Proof, Hose Bibs.  

What Is The Difference Between A Standard And Frost-Free Hose Bib?

While they may look the same on the outside, the inside is where the difference is.  With a traditional hose bib, the shutoff valve is located directly behind the handle. The Frost-Free has a longer pipe that goes into the house with the shutoff valve sitting inside where it is warmer.  When you turn off the water on a Frost-Free hose bib the water stops behind the valve, which is set farther back inside the house, which means the water won’t freeze because the air is warmer.

What you get when you get a Frost-Free hose bib installed for your plumbing:

  • One-time installation that will protect your home’s pipes for years
  • Prevention of costly damages
  • Stress-free winter preparations
  • Swift external installation of a singular part
  • Cost-effective problem solving


Here at A-1, our trained professional plumbers can help winterize your home, taking the stress of all the odds and ends out of your hands and protecting your home from what winter may have in store. We always try to get as many homes ready for the coming winter as possible, and the sooner you make your appointment the less you have to worry about the first frost date surprising us. Before we leave, we’ll make sure you know how your new hose assembly works. The operation is as easy as turning a few knobs.


Take advantage of a company that values your experience as a homeowner looking to improve your property. Winter might be a season of red noses but saving yourself the trouble, in the long run, is nothing to sneeze at. Watch us take your home to the safest level for winter without lifting a finger! We pride ourselves on being as up-to-date as possible as far as tools, technology, and knowledge to make sure you get the best and most long-lasting service for your home. Our straightforward approach and excellent customer service have earned us the reputation we hold today as a reliable business for homeowners to rely on. If you live in an area where you think a frost-free hose bib could save you time or money, call A-1 Plumbing for a quote today. A-1 Plumbing Inc brings expert plumbers right to your front door, your pipes will be none the wiser about the cold weather!