Water Safety

Do I have contaminated water?

A1 Plumbing cares about our customers health and well being. The water we drink, wash with, and bathe in is the most critical component of living healthy lives. Water is life and the average American uses 88 gallons of water a day at home according to a 2014 EPA Government Accountability Report.

So we put together this fact sheet for everyone who shares our concerns. Education is the first step in establishing healthy water in all our lives. We here at A1 Plumbing hope these links are as helpful to you as they have been to us. Blessings and good wishes to you all

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Salem Municipal 2020 Water Report


Water Research Center


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  • – U.S. Government reports public water filtration and treatment plants remove some contaminants but not all.
  • – John Hopkins University study found ordinary drinking water may contain unintended and highly toxic compounds that result from the chlorine disinfectant method.
  • – One 42 state water office analysis found 260 contaminants in tap water, 141 of these have no safety standards.
  • – A study of 10 bottled water companies had an average of 8 contaminants in each brand, half had bacterial contamination, and 2 carcinogens were found in some levels exceeding California standards.
  • – President’s Cancer Panel reports many customers receive water with pharmaceutical drugs, endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs), and unregulated organic contaminants.
  • – Water filtration plants generally are unable to remove dissolved medications that enter water systems after being excreted or poured into household drains or toilets.


  • – Retains desired nutrients in the water, giving you healthier water for you and your pets
  • – Reduces mineral build-up preserving the life of pipes, fixtures, and the appliances
  • – Friendly to the environment because there is no brine discharge and reduces bottled water containers in landfills
  • – More cost effective than water delivery services
  • – No maintenance and minimal operating costs
  • – No need for salt or potassium bags which reduces replenishment costs to zero
  • – Produces non-acidic, alkaline pH water which promotes better health
  • – Treats the whole house needs including drinking, bathing, laundry, cooking, etc.
  • – Doesn’t dry out skin and hair feel softer.
  • – Removal of chlorine and no salt are better for skin and hair
  • – Whiter laundry with less detergent saves money and extends clothing life.

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