Toilet Installation & Repair

A-1 Plumbing Provides Toilet Installation & Repair

Toilet Installation & Repair

A properly functioning toilet is an essential part of any home. We provide expert solutions for keeping your toilet running properly, from fixing a clog to complete replacements. We understand that toilet issues can be unpleasant and disruptive to daily life. That’s why we prioritize both speed and accuracy with every plumbing project, so you can get back to life as normal.


Toilet Installation Service

Whether you’re simply upgrading an old toilet or replacing a broken model, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. We offer complete and worry-free installation solutions, which not only includes installation of the new toilet but also removal and disposal of the old toilet. Our expert technicians handle the entire process, so you can rest easy and focus on the important things in life. 


Toilet Repair Service

A malfunctioning toilet can cause problems that can render your toilet, restroom or even entire home being unusable. What starts out as a mild issue, such as a tank that takes a long time to fill, can escalate to a severe issue such as a burst pipe. By contacting professionals at the first sign of a problem you can save time and money. 


Common signs that your toilet needs repairs or maintenance include:

● Weak flushing

● Tank or bowl doesn’t refill or refills slowly 

● Water leaks 

● Toilet is constantly running 

● Unusual sounds such as whining, gurgling, or whirring

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