Sewer Repair

Ensure that your system is running properly with drain cleaning and video inspection services from the skilled plumbers at A-1 Plumbing. Contact us at 503-585-2009 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our technicians.



When a problem with your sewer or drain happens on your property, it must be urgently dealt with. Luckily, here at A-1 Plumbing we can help. Our experienced technicians have successfully repaired and installed many drain systems and sewer lines at competitive pricing. We pride ourselves at being the best in the business. Our video inspection service allows us to diagnose your plumbing problems accurately and non-invasively.



When a drain becomes clogged it may appear to be merely an inconvenience, but it can quickly turn into a disaster. Even a drain that has only slowed down can be a symptom of a serious problem. We can help you fix your drains before they cause further issues.



We can also fix issues with your sewer system such as leaks and sewer backup. We understand how unpleasant and stressful an issue with your sewer system can be. It can cause stress to your family or interruptions to your business. If needed, we can also perform sewer line replacements. Our expert team will work quickly to get your sewer system running properly again.



Inspection and Maintenance

We can perform routine drain cleanings and maintenance. This will ensure that your drains always perform appropriately. Regular maintenance saves you time and money by preventing expensive problems from building up. We also

recommend routine inspections of your sewer lines to catch potential clogs in your system. these coggs can cause unpleasant issues, such as sewer back-ups and low drain volume.

Types of Services:

Clogged Drains & Sewers: A-1 Plumbing uses auger machines to open up drains and sewers. The machines operate by rotating a cable with attached blades through your pipes. The blades will cut out and clear the build-up caused by grease, soap, tree roots and other foreign objects.

Hydro Jetting: Water jetting cleans drains and sewer lines quickly and efficiently with high-velocity water pressure. If you are having problems with your home or office drain system, call the staff over at A-1 plumbing. 

Sewer Lines: We repair and replace sewer lines. We can also replace your existing sewer line without trenching up your yard by using pipe bursting & pipe lining systems. If you have a problem with your sewer line, A-1 can help you find a solution.

Camera & Locate: A-1 Plumbing utilizes video drain inspection to help provide an accurate plumbing estimate that fits your budget. Inspection is used to locate blocks, cracks, and damaged drains or sewers. We will feed the camera through the drain to see the extent of the problem and then offer our suggestions for repair or replacement.

Sump Pumps: Do you have a musty or dank smell in your home? You may be able to address that problem with the installation of a sump pump. A sump pump is a pump that removes moisture from under your building. This can be an excellent solution to improve the air quality of your home and prevent mold. 


We look forward to serving you.