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Our first testimony begins… when Ann called in, stating her husband had been working on their leaking shower head for the last 3 hours. She was talking very softly, until her husband stormed out the door. Then she began laughing. She said you probably won’t believe this, but…my husband said Don’t call a Plumber, I CAN FIX IT!! He told her not to worry he would have the leaking shower head fixed in half an hour.

An hour went by and he was in and out of the bathroom going to the tools in the garage. She heard allot of bad words coming from the bathroom, so she decided to stay clear of the area. After 2 hours she heard allot of banging on the wall and pipes. After 3 hours she heard OH SHXX! and next he said call a plumber I am going to turn off the water to the house and go to work. She went to look into the bathroom and saw the pipe for the shower sticking out of the wall and water spraying everywhere. So her leaking shower head became a broken pipe and a mess left in her bathroom, PLUS no water now coming into the house.

Next testimony begins… with Sherrie calling our office, while her husband was out of town. She said her tub faucet handles had been dripping for months. She had asked her husband to fix it and he kept tightening the faucet handles until he finally broke them off. He then put a make shift handle on each one which barely turned them on let alone did not completely turn them off. In the process he totally stripped the threads on the remainder of what was left. Needless to say, it cost more for the repair since there now was definitely more damage.